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Hangzhou Oushengwa Co., Ltd.

We have over 20 years of experience working with European and American and Australia,New Zealand fashion markets in the design, development and production processes,We focus on mid-high quality fast fashion women clothes customized. Our targeted OEM solutions, strategic & business sourcing solutions and services are made for product manufacturing on a budget. We can customize sample in 3 days,you can get the sample quickly and you can make your order from small MOQ to check the quality and market ,and you don't keep much stock ,if the market is good ,you can have bigger order,we sure We will be a reliable partner for you to ···

Silk Fabric

What Is Silk?

How to Choose Dance Shoes (Girls Edition)We should choose dancing shoes from several aspects: the size of shoes, the hei···

Silk Scarf Hand Sew

What Is the History of Silk Production?

1. In addition to attractive appearance, the heel slope of Latin dance shoes can also properly adjust students' stan···